Regina Chiuminatto - Comparatist

Currently based in the Hudson Valley of New York, educated at Union College in Schenectady, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the Université de Rennes II, I am finishing my dissertation and developing other writing projects while working in an accounting role in Bergen County, New Jersey.

PhD Graduand, Comparative Literature

University of Wisconsin Madison

July 2013 - Anticipated May 2018

My dissertation follows the poetic projects of Rainer Maria Rilke and Marina Tsvetaeva, as well as their correspondence in 1926, the year of Rilke's death.
I focus on the poetics that each elaborates, interpreting their understanding of the structures of poetic discourse through the lenses of the love-relationship and Gaston Bachelard's idea of Phenomenology of Imagination.

I defended my dissertation, "The Poetics of Self-imagination with Tsvetaeva, Rilke, and Pasternak," on 17 November, 2017.


Accounting Technician & Office Manager

David G Sayles Insurance

May 2016-Present

I handle accounts payable, manage payments, and administer our day-to-day accounting and reconciliation.

I also maintain the office calendar and stock, research and advise on systems updates, and administer special data-oriented projects.

In addition, I produce copy and content schedules for company communications.


Teaching Assistant

University of Wisconsin, Department of Comparative Literature

September 2010 — May 2012

I worked with students every day, leading discussions and holding office hours where I helped students with their writing or worked through difficult concepts. I also graded tests and papers, and learned how to navigate difficult situations, like how to handle sticky moments around discussions of sensitive topics in class.


Master of Arts, Comparative Literature

University of Wisconsin, Madison



My time at Madison was deeply formative on many levels. The master's exams required focus and synthetic thinking under pressure at levels I didn't know I was capable of. Teaching and discussing the difficulties of teaching with my fellow graduate students showed me how to think of work as process. I also volunteered with my union and realized I love organizing.