Weekend, 28-30 March

Spent the weekend steeping in the moody early early spring beauty of a rainy, misty weekend in the Berkshires. Snow remained in patches, edging flax-colored fields, melting under the rain, mixing into puddles and rivers.

So many lovely snatches: wine and talk, and lovely friends who obligingly made me my own tofu version of the evening's meal, and a hot tub under umbrellas, listening to the cold rain thrump overhead. 

Also spent some time in Lenox with my comrade, learned about antique silver from the gracious well-spoken woman who runs (until the end of this summer) a sweet, very pink antique shop. Then we had coffee and pastries (and took back more for breakfast on Sunday in a big pink box), and, having warmed ourselves, spent the rest of our open afternoon-time in The Bookstore. So capitalized, because that's really what it's called (with the in-house "get lit" wine bar - I almost couldn't take it). 

And I happily discovered a book I clearly couldn't do without. I feel warm, almost flushed in my hands just opening it. 

The beautiful NYRB edition of the letters between Rilke, Tsvetayeva & Pasternak

And there was still more, because for Sunday Brunch, we went to the Crossroads Foods Shop in Hillsdale, where the biscuits were day-making, and the cream was so alluring my coffee could not remain black like it usually does. Then the salt cod hash... And everyone around me looked more beautiful with happiness. 

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But being spoiled all weekend didn't make me completely useless. To-day I kept my resolution to practice making presentation slides.

My sister finds my topic alarming, but the idea-generating process moved right along.

My sister finds my topic alarming, but the idea-generating process moved right along.