End of January

I am so delighted to see February come, thanks in no small part to the happy wrapping-up of what I consider a successful January. I didn't announce anywhere online what I was up to in January, and for a reason. While pop psychologists continue to insist that announcing your intentions when setting goals increases the odds of their completion, this has never been true for me. I'm sure I'm not alone in this: I imagine a slice of the population who, like me, are incapable of carrying through on something after having announced the intention to do it.

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I find motivation instead in my deep love of perversity. In college, I frequently found myself incapable of finishing tedious German grammar assignments until I had announced my intention not to finish them. When I lived with my parents for a few months between semesters at grad school one year, I could only go to the gym if I either failed to announce my plan to do so, or allowed enough time to pass that my mother forgot I ever meant to.


So, I'll join the game of recounting goals & progress for 2016 in this space, but I'll have to do it after the fact. Which brings me to: January.


My overarching plan for 2016, as I set it out in my mind in the twilight days of 2015, is to take things one month (and as needed, one week or one day) at a time. I set myself one goal for January: to chuck something every day. And I did it. I took one pass, on the 15th, but I carried through to the 31st, and on many days it was a whole group of things that I got rid of. 


On some days, I deleted podcasts I was probably never going to listen to, or apps that were just taking up space. On the days early in the month when I was visiting home in Wisconsin, I got in a good purging of the remaining boxes of wedding things and a few drawers full of forgotten clothes at my dad's house. I still have a pile (actually, three piles in different parts of the house) of things to be donated, but I will deal with that this week. In the meantime, the basement storage is organized, the medicine cabinet is much more user-friendly than it was at the beginning of my adventure with the flu that I caught on the plane back from Wisconsin, and my pantry is in the best shape it's ever been. 

The Pantry, post facto

The Pantry, post facto

Which brings me to February. I feel calm, and comfortable, and ready for my next project. But more on that when it's done.