Things I am not doing right now

I am not...

Making Christmas cookies, as I planned to. But we still have two tins full of the last round of them - how many cookies do we need?! I might still do some more tomorrow. Or in ten minutes.

Wrapping gifts. But I only have a pile of three or four left. I'm sure at some point a Christmas movie will be on, and then I'll feel up to it.

Writing my chapter. I have a long list of my advisor's suggestions, and I'm sure I'll get to them. But just at the moment I'm terribly busy looking back and forth between the twinkly lights on the tree and the unsteady sunlight through the fir tree outside that's hitting the quilt on the couch.

There are about ten to twenty books that I should or at least could be reading, but instead I am writing this.

Eating avocado toast. Why am I not doing that? Actually, I'm going to go do that now.

Happy Sunday!