Brain Junk Four - Conclusion

Happy New Year! Tra-la-la. I have a heap of mostly-finished thoughts positively wiggling to get posted, but in the spirit of new beginnings, I'm drawing up that dusty file quixotically labeled "Finishing What You've Started." So here it is: App Junk, the hopeful but mainly unsatisfying conclusion.

I do want to provide the epilogue to my sad little endeavor into digital organization, mostly in the misguided hope that I will surprise myself with some lessons learned.

First and most relevantly to the stated aims of my digital tidying project, I backslid on just about every step I took. My blogs are back on my phone, my podcasts are a mess (thank you very much, all the Best of 2014 lists). So I still waste time, and I still periodically go into a panic, deleting blurry shots from VSCOcam & podcasts that I was really only saving in case I at some point was feeling virtuous enough to sit (or wash dishes) through the most unsexy hours of Intelligence Squared.

But, now that I have the blogs back, it was easy for me to quickly add Anna's new blog to my feedly "friends" list (a small and glorious circle). And I never do want for a podcast to get me through that onerous dish-washing (even more mountainous than usual these days, since I'm wading my way through the Bon Appetit Food Lover's Cleanse). 

But the other day, when a friend asked me for advice on an organizational app, I looked around at my heaps of digital filth, and to me, honest to goodness, it really all felt worth it.

So with that victory-non-victory in hand, I am turning to other areas. I have big plans to organize my kitchen, throw away all the 95% used bottles and jars in the bathroom, organize my files so well I can justify seeking out a real hardwood filing cabinet! But none of that will be chronicled here, because that would just be depressing for everyone concerned. 

À la prochaine!