Brain Junk - Two (or three, or four) steps back

I can't pretend to be proud of myself right now. I don't think I even got rid of one more app during this past week. I did change the photos settings, which solved my storage problem, but I'm afraid that only made things worse. The more space I feel I have, the more junk I accumulate. 

But because I can't possibly have spent the whole entire week without taking a single step forward, I'll give myself this: I spent some time with my podcasts. Specifically, I rearranged my unrealistically long On-the-go podcasts playlist so that the things I wanted to listen to most urgently (especially thanksgiving-related episodes and commentary on recent events) were on top, and deleted the downloads of the second half of the list. I can download them when I get there.  

But that's it. I was set back by iTune's current (RED) apps push. I confess, I re-downloaded apps I'd previously deleted, and even a couple I had never downloaded onto this phone to begin with, but had had on previous phones. All I have to say for myself is that I didn't download anything completely unknown.

Actually, now that I think about it, that makes it worse. I already tried, and subsequently dismissed these apps as maybe cool but still not relevant to me - and now here they are again, bloating my "try-outs" folder. 

In the meantime, I haven't made any efforts regarding the situation on my computer. For a while, I was keeping my writing program open at all times in the hopes that would encourage me to log more working time, but that slowed down my aging laptop too much for other uses. 

I'm giving up. At least for Thanksgiving. But, knowing myself, giving up is sometimes the best thing I can do for a cause. We shall see!

Written from the airport I've been in half the day, hoping that this flight does eventually materialize and I make it home for the holiday: Happy Thanksgiving!